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Monday, 8 May 2017

Written on the Last Leaf of Shakespeare by Henry Nelson Coleridge

So now the charmed book is ended, Mary!
The wand is broken, and the spell is o’er;
And thou hast mused or smiled o’er witch and faery,
Till Fancy’s imps familiar semblance wore.
What though thy tongue’s sweet song be distant far?
By that soft bosom, and that gentle eye,
I knew thee genuine child of poesy,
When erst thou told’st me of that twin-born star,
Divinest SPENSER! When did either seem
(As they to thee) two boats upon one stream,
Wafting the rapt soul to some region fair,
If meek-eyed Genius were not hov’ring there?
Never! therefore, thrice happy Maiden, wander on,
Again the wand is whole, the spell is not yet gone!


Date: 1823

By: Henry Nelson Coleridge (1798-1843)