This page is dedicated to Jumble Books and Publishers, my self-publishing service, which begins on 2 September 2021.

It will show the books Jumble publishes, including the poetry anthologies that will be created from public domains already featured on the site. Please click on the logo to find out more about Jumble Books and Publishers.


Reader beware:  This book contains material that disparages cherished beliefs, opinions and institutions including political and religious ones.  While some readers may find that material refreshingly irreverent, others may find it offensive.  The aphorism quoted on the cover, “Patriotism, piety and chastity are all much overrated virtues”, offers a relatively mild example.  Some of the aphorisms offer potentially even more offensive material, so proceed with caution.

A few examples of Mr Greene’s aphorisms:

Sex wouldn’t be so nearly interesting if it weren’t so widely forbidden.

The truly strong are those who aren’t driven by the need to prove their strength.

Lawyers, actors and politicians must fool others. In the process they often fool themselves.

We tend to forget that not all mothers are saints, nor all soldiers heroes.

The most important measure of civilization is compassion, not technology, culture, sophisticated institutions, power or the gross national product.

Also available at Lulu.


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