A Character by Henry Brooke

When, o’er the canvas, flows the master’s line,
He adds no name to mark the just design;
The portrait, ‘midst a mingling world, is known,
And stands admired ,distinguish’d, and alone!

Behold him, full of virtues as of days,
Laden with worth, infirmities, and praise!
Down the hoar flowing of his silver’d head,
Wisdom and Time their equal honours shed;
Truth and Benevolence, with equal grace,
Rise from his breast, and lighten in his face.

His languid limbs expect the peaceful bier;
His head and heart still active, free, and clear!
On his own frame, though dire distemper preys,
He’s borne around, to give all others ease;
Before his healing presence Life respires,
And Sickness, with his rueful train, retires!

Great Leach both of our persons and our state!
When thou, at some sad hour, shalt yield to fate–
O then, adieu Hibernia’s chiefest wealth;
Adieu to Liberty! Adieu to Health!

From: Brooke, Henry and Brooke, Charlotte (ed.), The Poetical Works of Henry Brooke, Esq., Revised and Corrected by the Original Manuscript; with a Portrait of the Author, and His Life, The Third Edition, 1792, Printed for the Editor: Dublin, pp. 373-374.

Date: 17??

By: Henry Brooke (1703-1783)

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