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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Carpe Diem by Terence Ian Fytton Armstrong (John Gawsworth)

Read me no tale that has not love for theme;
I will not hear those chronicles of gloom,
Lacking the savour of life’s fondest dream,
Telling of virgins in the loveless tomb.
We should be happy for our mortal spell.
Too soon the unbanked fires of life burn low.
Manon and Mimi may have loved too well,
Yet at the summons they were loth to go.
Brief is contentment, short are lionied hours.
Time, swift and sure, soon scythes all blooms to stalk.
Let’s make the Present wonderful whilst ours,
Lost in our love, dispense with needless talk.
Do you not know that all narrated bliss
Is but a fingersnap to your next kiss?


Date: 1932

By: Terence Ian Fytton Armstrong (John Gawsworth) (1912-1970)