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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Goblin Tower by Frank Belknap Long

The Goblin Tower stood and stood
And stood for years and years:
And it was haunted splendidly
By twenty thousand Fears.
The Fears were tall and very old,
With scars upon their faces;
And there were Greek and Hindoo Fears,
And Fears of Saxon races.
The Tower’s window looked upon
A moat of thunderous green;
And red lights shone behind the panes
Where gallant ghosts had been.
The ghosts were shyer than the rats
That lived in Roland´s hall;
And they reposed upon the chairs
Or walked upon the wall.
Until the Fears took up the lance
And chased them screaming hence;
And now they wander in the moat
Or climb the castle fence.
I dreamed the Goblin Castle fell
And vanished in the night:
And yet for years and years and years
It was a gorgeous sight.


Date: 1935

By: Frank Belknap Long (1901-1994)