Laura. The First Part: II by Robert Tofte

Though I doo part, my Hart yet dooth not part;
My poore afflicted bodie parts in twaine,
And doth in peeces two devide my Hart:
One peece my fainting spirit doth sustaine,
The other part I leave with thee behinde,
(The better part, and of my hart most deere)
Then to that part so parted, be thou kinde,
And to the same impart thy loving cheere:
That I (returning) may againe unite
This parted Hart, and finde for griefe, delight.

From: R.T. Gentleman, Laura. The Toyes of a Traveller. OR The Feast of the Fancie. Divided into Three Parts, 1597, Valentine Sims: London, p. [unnumbered].

Date: 1597

By: Robert Tofte (?1562-1620)

2 Comments to “Laura. The First Part: II by Robert Tofte”

  1. Oh, thank you for posting this today! Just what I needed.

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