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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

The Constant North by James Findlay Hendry

(For Dee)

Encompass me, my lover,
With your eyes’ wide calm.
Though noonday shadows are assembling doom,
The sun remains when I remember them;
And death, if it should come,
Must fall like quiet snow from such clear skies.

Minutes we snatched from the unkind winds
Are grown into daffodils by the sea’s
Edge, mocking its green miseries;
Yet I seek you hourly still, over
A new Atlantis loneliness, blind
As a restless needle held by the constant north we always have in mind.

From: Rexroth, Kenneth (ed.) The New British Poets: An Anthology, 1947, New Directions: London, p. 92.

Date: 1947

By: James Findlay Hendry (1912-1986)