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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Sonnet to ——————— by John Hamilton Reynolds

The trees in Sherwood forest are old and good, —
The grass beneath them now is dimly green;
Are they deserted all? Is no young mien
With loose-slung bugle met within the wood:
No arrow found, — foil’d of its antler’d food ,–
Struck in the oak’s rude side? Is there nought seen,
To mark the revelries which there have been, —
In the sweet days of merry Robin Hood?

Go there, with Summer, and with evening, — go
In the soft shadows like some wandering man, —
And thou shalt far amid the forest know
The archer men in green, with belt and bow,
Feasting on pheasant, river-fowl, and swan,
With Robin at their head, and Marian.

From: Hamilton, John, The Garden of Florence; and Other Poems, John Warren: London,1821, pp. 124-125.

Date: 1821

By: John Hamilton Reynolds (1794-1852)