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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

To Castara, of his Being in Love by William Habington

Where am I? not in Heaven: for oh I feele
The stone of Sisiphus, Ixion’s wheele;
And all those tortures, poets (by their wine
Made judges) laid on Tantalus, are mine.
Nor yet am I in Hell: for still I stand,
Though giddy in my passion, on firme land.
And still behold the seasons of the yeare,
Springs in my hope, and winters in my feare.
And sure I’m ‘bove the Earth, for th’ highest star
Shoots beames, but dim, to what Castara’s are;
And in her sight and favour I even shine
In a bright orbe beyond the christalline.
If then, Castara, I in Heaven nor move,
Nor Earth, nor Hell; where am I but in love?

From: Habington, William and Elton, Charles A. (ed), Habington’s Castara, with a Preface and Notes, 1812, J.M. Gutch: Bristol, pp. 59-61.

Date: 1634

By: William Habington (1605-1654)