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Monday, 27 August 2018

Verses Sent by Lord Melcombe to Dr. Young, Not Long Before His Lordship’s Death by George Bubb Dodington

Kind companion of my youth,
Lov’d for genius, worth, and truth!
Take what friendship can impart,
Tribute of a feeling heart;
Take the muse’s latest spark,
Ere we drop into the dark.
He, who parts and virtue gave,
Bade thee look beyond the grave:
Genius soars, and virtue guides,
Where the love of God presides.
There’s a gulph ‘twixt us and God;
Let the gloomy path be trod:
Why stand shivering on the shore;
Why not boldly venture o’er;
Where unerring virtue guides
Let us brave the winds and tides:
Safe, thro’ seas of doubts and fears,
Rides the bark which virtue steers.


Date: c1762

By: George Bubb Dodington (1691-1762)