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Tuesday, 28 April 2020

To My Daughter Elizabeth by Mary Ann Hubbard Townsend Bigelow

Two flowers upon one parent stem
Together bloomed for many days,
At length a storm arose, and one
Was blighted, and cut down at noon.

The other hath transplanted been,
And flowers fair as herself hath borne;
She too has felt the withering storm,
Her strength’s decayed, wasted her form.

May he who hears the mourner’s prayer,
Renew her strength for years to come;
Long may He our Lilly spare,
Long delay to call her home.

But when the summons shall arrive
To bear this lovely flower away,
Again may she transplanted be
To blossom in eternity.

There may these sisters meet again,
Both freed from sorrow, sin, and pain;
There with united voices raise,
In sweet accord their hymns of praise;
Eternally his name t’ adore,
Who died, yet lives forevermore.

Weston, Jan. 3, 1852.

From: Bigelow, Mary Ann H. T., The Kings and Queens of England with Other Poems, 1853, S. K. Whipple and Company: Boston, pp. 19-20.

Date: 1852

By: Mary Ann Hubbard Townsend Bigelow (1792-1870)