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Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Rendezvous in a Country Churchyard by Rennie McQuilkin

I’m early. I sit on Timothy Cowles,
d 1788, ae 51, and wait.
She’ll be here soon: the sun’s not long
for this world. Meanwhile, I’m sorry
to see that Charity Howard,
depa t d in   r   th yr, is disappearing
from her stone.

Over the Hales and Hopes,
the sons and daughters of the above,
their spouses, relicts,
the maple tree is all a mumble,
might be saying prayers for the dead
except it’s caterpillars: the tree’s
half eaten, food for worms.

In it a mockingbird is at his
vireo, his bobolink, his whipperwill—
his pretty lies
as false as the lips and cheeks
that dress the bones we are.

But soft, she comes, her lantern lit,
her face a lie I willingly believe.
She has me thinking
the mockingbird’s latest
is the very song of Charity Howard
delighting with Timothy Cowles.


Date: 1982

By: Rennie McQuilkin (19??- )