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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Instructions for Reading 4 by John Audelay with translation into modern English by flusteredduck

Rede thys offt, butt rede hit sofft,
And whatt thou redust, forgeete hit noght,
For here the soth thou maght se
What fruyte cometh of thy body.

Instructions for Reading 4 by John Audelay (translated by flusteredduck)

Read this oft, but read it soft,
And what you read, forget it not,
For here the truth you might see
What fruit comes of your body.

From: Audelay, John the Blind and Fein, Susanna (ed.), The Meditative Close, 2009, Medieval Institute Publications: Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Date: c1426

By: John Audelay (13??-c1426)