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Friday, 21 January 2022

Deflated at Dusk by Rebecca Jessen

xmas lights trapeze across campsites. all-day
bbq smell makes me reconsider my vego status.
no-one tells you swimming is more fun
in the wading pool. has Mum ever existed
without a cigarette in her hand. smoke
and Reef Oil wafting from the porch. two essentials:
Aeroguard and Masterfoods tomato sauce.
so what if I still check the news hourly.
life moves fast elsewhere. here
the easy affection of toddlers
is life-affirming. sometimes a bucket really is
just a bucket. we are all deflated
at dusk. Mum narrates the weather
with every vagrant cloud. I don’t even mind
the sand in my bed or the mirror
of my alternative life. I’ve never been less.


Date: 2021

By: Rebecca Jessen (19??- )