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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sonnet 11. Scotch Quadrilles by John Moultrie

Perish the coxcomb who united first
To these vain whimsies, hatch’d beyond the seas,
Old Caledonia’s touching melodies;
Wedding the follies of that land accurst,
To strains whose high and soothing music nursed
Heroic hearts, or gave crush’d spirits ease,
Awakening the bright Past’s remembrances
While grief’s fierce tempest o’er the Present burst.
Oh! ye sweet notes, ye were not meant to lead
The measured steps of fashion: ye should tell
Of Highland glen, wild rock, and pastoral dell,
And scenes like those of which the world doth read
In that bright page, which many a wondrous deed
Of Scottish story hath embalm’d so well.


Date: 1824

By: John Moultrie (1799-1874)