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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Make the Extended Skies Your Tomb by James Hervey

Make the extended Skies your Tomb,
Let Stars record your Worth:
Yet know, vain Mortals, all must die,
As Nature’s sickliest Birth.

Wou’d bounteous Heav’n indulge my Pray’r,
I frame a nobler Choice;
Nor, living, wish the pompous Pile,
Nor dead regret the Loss.

In thy fair Book of Life divine,
My God, inscribe my Name:
Then let it fill some humble Place,
Beneath the slaughter’d Lamb.

The Saints, while Ages roll away,
In endless Fame survive;
Their Glories, o’er the Wrongs of Time,
Greatly triumphant, live.

From: Hervey, James, Meditations Among theTombs. In a Letter to a Lady, 1746, J and J Rivington and J Leake:London and Bath, pp. 48-49.

Date: 1746

By: James Hervey (1714-1758)