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Friday, 19 December 2014

Lynched by Frank Ankenbrand, Jr

The flames that licked his bronzed
Body into deathless ash
Have leaped into a giant flame
And burned and blackened all the sky;
For beauty burned and died with him.
No stars can shine again;
Our hearts can never smile;
These lips of ours can never part in mirth;
For in the dust about our feet,
Trampled into earth, are the white ashes of a man,
Who went to his death in a black flame.
The clouds above are black with soot
While bolts of lightning, finger-like,
Point down in shame at this smoldering fire,
This heap of nauseating ash;
For God sees and disapproves
But, American-like, does not act.


Date: 1934

by: Frank Ankenbrand, Jr (1905-1972)