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Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Sonnet III by Charles Abraham Elton

It is the birth of spring; and as I pass
These hedge-rows, where in gems on every spray
The sprinkled verdure hands, and midst sloped grass
The star-like primrose clusters on my way;
The quicken’d sense inhales the season’s power;
The deep convictions that must ever be
Yield to the soothings of the balming hour,
That for the moment steals from memory
Its nutriment of poison. Oh most sweet
Illusion! that the spirit in the breast
Should for one moment from itself retreat
To outward pleasantness, and be at rest!
That leaf and flower should thus by stealth have wrought
Forgetfulness and peace—in spite of thought!

From: Elton, Charles A., The Brothers, A Monody; and Other Poems, 1820, Baldwin, Cradock, and Joy: London, p. 53.

Date: 1820

By: Charles Abraham Elton (1778-1853)