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Thursday, 27 March 2014

More Lovely Grows the Earth by Helena Coleman

More lovely grows the earth as we grow old,
More tenderness is in the dawning spring,
More bronze upon the blackbird’s burnished wing;
And richer is the autumn cloth-of-gold;
A deeper meaning, too, the years unfold,
Until to waiting hearts each living thing
For very love its bounty seems to bring,
Intreating us with beauty to behold.

Or is it that with years we grow more wise
And reverent to the mystery profound–
Withheld from careless or indifferent eyes–
That broods in simple things the world around,
More conscious of the Love that glorifies
The common ways and makes them holy ground?

From: Coleman, Helena, Songs and Sonnets, 1906, William Briggs: Toronto, p. 115.

Date: 1906

By: Helena Coleman (1860-1953)