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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Girl on a Wing by Geoffrey Piers Henry Dutton

A child no more,
A child again, she swings
In autumn sunlight by the dahlias
Swaying like this hopeful season, through red
And green, through many yellow failures
Falling where fresh grass springs
From its hard bed.

All body she,
All loosed emotion, hair
Afloat as soft as smoke, her waist
As flexible as rope, and all her curves
Pressed tight as arcs that have no haste
Nor nerves but praise the air
On bending knee.

Her joy exists.
Such arcs describe her, no circle
Closes round her, nothing final,
Her rise and fall takes winter boughs to spring,
Sends out from each stiff vertical
Tremors from spine to wrists,
This girl on a swing.


Date: 1970

By: Geoffrey Piers Henry Dutton (1922-1998)