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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

A Contemplation on Bassets-down-Hill by the most Sacred adorer of the Muses by Anne Kemp

If that exact Appelles now did live.
And would a picture of Elizium give;
He might pourtrai’ of the prospect which this Hill
Doth shew; & make the eie command at will.
Heer’s many a shire whose pleasauntness for fight
Doth yield to the Spectators great delight.
Ther’s a large Field guilded with ceres gold;
Here a green mead doth many Heifers hold;
Ther’s pasture growne with virdant grass, whose store,
Of Argent-sheep shewes th’owner is not poore.
Here springs doe intricate Meanders make
Excelling farr Oblivion’s Lethe Lake.
There woods and Coppisses harbour as many
And sweet melodious Choristers, as any
Elizium yields; whose Philomel’ an lazes
Merit the highest of the Lyrick’s praise
Heer’s Flora deck’t with robes of Or, and Azur,
Fragrently smelling yield’s two senses pleasure.

Hence Zephirus doth breath his gentle gales
Coole on the Hills, and sweet throughout the Vales
How happy are they that in this Climate dwell?
Alas! they can’t their owne sweet welfare tell;
Scarce I my selfe whil’st I am here doe know it
Till I fee it’s Antithesis to shew it.
Here are no smoaking streets, nor howling cryes,
Deafning the eares, nor blinding of the eyes;
No noysome smells t’ infect, and choake the aire;
breeding diseases envious to the Faire.
Deceipt is here exil’d from Flesh, and Bloud:
(Strife only reigns, for all strive to be good.)
With Will his verse I here will make an end
And as the crab doth alwaies backward bend
So, though from this sweet place I goe away
My loyall heart will in this Climate stay.
Thus heartless, doth my worthless body rest
Whilest my heart liveth with the ever blest.


Date: 1658

By: Anne Kemp (fl. 1658)

Friday, 9 February 2018

Love Elegies 12. Dear Lady from your Eies there Came by Aston Cockayne

Dear Lady, from your eies there came
A lightning did my heart inflame,
And set it all on burning so,
That forth the fire will never go.
Be merciful, for I remain,
Till you be kind, in endless pain;
And (machless fair One) deign to know
That pity should with beauty goe;
That comely bodies should include
Mindes in them equally as good.
I will not doubt you until I
Have reason from your Crueltie.
Since we deformed bodies finde
To be the Emblems of the minde;
Why should not I pursue that art,
And think one fair hath such an heart?
Confirm Philosophie, which you
By being merciful may do:
And unto the eternal praise
Of your rich Beauty I will raise
A fame so high, that times to come
Of your deare name shall ne’re be dumbe;
So you with Rosalinde shall be
Eterniz’d unto Memorie,
With Stella live; names known as well
As Colin Clout, and Astrophel.
As kindness in a Lady can
Preserve in life a dying man;
So verses (after she is dead)
Report will of her spread.
Return affection, and we then
Shall live though die, and live agen.


Date: 1658

By: Aston Cockayne (1608-1684)