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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Cupid’s Lament by Gil Vicente

O whom shall I my sorrows tell?
Who will listen to my woe?
Why in such a time farewell,
Comfort, wouldst thou bid, and go,
Leaving Love alone to dwell?

Hope, that fair appeared to me,
What away from me could wean thee?
Were I now thy face to see
Still wouldst thou a stranger be,
Since so long I have not seen thee!

They who sightless Love portray
No wise fancy so devise,
For Love has as many eyes
As the deaths for which I pray ;
And not one to me replies.


Date: 1536 (original in Portugese); 1914 (translation in English)

By: Gil Vicente (c1465-c1536)

Translated by: Aubrey Fitz Gerald Bell (1882-1950)

Alternative Title: Love’s Lament