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Sunday, 15 January 2023

The New Beginning by Herbert Edward Palmer

They had fought the last desperate battle.
They had deluged the earth with their rage
And the crimson flood mounted to Heaven,
And drew up each soul from its grave.

And sent them foeman with foeman
To shatter the quiet of the skies.
And lo! they commingled together
With the hope of God in their eyes.

And in faith they went peacefully singing,
And waking dead stars to new birth,
Till Earth knew Heaven as her lover,
And Heaven leaned down gracious to Earth,

And tendered her blossoms of healing,
And rained on her kindness of tears,
And gave back in trust to her lover
The bloom of the sacrificed years.

From: Palmer, Herbert E., Two Fishers and Other Poems, 1918, Elkin Mathews: London, pp. 18-19.

Date: 1918

By: Herbert Edward Palmer (1880-1961)