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Monday, 2 January 2023

New Year’s Day by Michelle Dicinoski

I’m trying to write that last time with you     five hours into the new year
how we spilled from our tent     from our love-making
into pre-dawn light     to piss under tea-trees.
I’m trying to write the light     (was it blue or violet?)
supernatural on our skin     I could only look and look
inhale the day and its scents     and tell myself remember this

I’m trying to write the air     (do you remember?)
menthol and citrus so crisp     it fell on the tongue like a lozenge
until you gave me your mouthful of petals.

I’m trying to write the you     (if only you saw)
so holy in the half-light     when I saw you
for the first time     and knew it was the last.

I am trying to write the loss     five hours into the new year
how I found you in the space     between night and day
and lost you to the sun     among tea-trees.


Date: 2009

By: Michelle Dicinoski (1976- )