On a simple Gentleman which spake in dispraise of Poetry by Pathericke Jenkyn

A Gentleman, for want of education,
Said Epigrams, and Poems, were but toyes.
And in his judgement and small estimation,
Are only fit for Girles, and for Boyes:
Another standing by that wished well
To Poetry, and lov’d a witty Rhime,
Your judgement Sir, alas what can you tell?
Thus ’tis to cast a Pearl before a Swine,
Pray hold your peace, for Poets hold it fit,
That Ignorance must not be Judge of Wit.

From: Jenkyn, Pathericke, Amorea, the lost lover, or, The idea of love and misfortune being poems, sonets, songs, odes, pastoral, elegies, lyrick poems, and epigrams, never before printed, 1661, Willliam Leake: London, p. 76.

Date: 1661

By: Pathericke Jenkyn (fl 1661)


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