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Monday, 12 September 2022

Sonnet XLI by Charles Lloyd

Let those to whom Love ne’er his raptures dealt
Despise his power;-dead to the thrilling
The dear infatuating influence,
With which the stricken breast is doomed to melt.
Let those not talk of love, who have not knelt
In supplicating anguish so intense
That Grief could not conceive a recompense
In all the stores of life for what it felt.
If thou hast suffer’d thus, thy God implore
To teach thy thought devotion’s ardent aim;
For all thy days of happiness are o’er
If thou confidest in an earthly flame.
Heaven grant the infinite of thought may find
Him who alone can fill the heights and depths of mind.

29th Sept. 1807.

From: Lloyd, Charles, Nugae Canorae: Poems, Third Edition, 1819, J. and A. Arch, Cornhill: London, p. 216.

Date: 1807

By: Charles Lloyd (1775-1839)