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Sunday, 11 September 2022

The Damselfly by August Kleinzahler

A petal of jasmine caught up
by the breeze
or morning glory aflutter
between the four o’clock and naked lady?

No, not a flower at all,
a butterfly,
showing suddenly white
against the green of a leaf.

And that blue there, cobalt
a moment, then iridescent,
fragile as a lady’s pin
hovering above the nasturtium?

Ah, the older poet tells me,
that’s a damselfly.

And if you just slowed down
and looked,
you’d see all sorts of things:

midmorning toward the end of summer,
head swimming in the garden’s perfume

after a quick, surprise rain.

From: Kleinzahler, August, “The Damselfly” in Poetry, Volume 164, Issue 5, August 1994, p. 263.

Date: 1994

By: August Kleinzahler (1949- )