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Saturday, 3 September 2022

The Cosmic Serpent by Glenn H. Shepard, Jr.

I am bit by a copy of a key
fitting the lock
of a door ajar
a melon wedge

of moon lent
as a blessing by a sultry sun
upon slick yearning bodies

I fit snug in this body of nails
teeth hard things animate
in a herd of elbows
with eyes

snapping in recoil from
pain slave to pleasure
shuddering at the pinwheel

I am hunger
in ebbs and flows
hormonal despot over the senses
one more consumer

lusting a wake
through this world
this mad race before the door

I am bit by a copy
of a copy of a key
a lock of helical hair
a serpent eating its tail

beneath the spiraling galaxies
wondering what is
why where is my sharp-toothed


Date: 2022

By: Glenn H. Shepard, Jr. (19??- )