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Saturday, 9 July 2022

The Double by Douglas Valentine LePan

Love, I laid my love away
far so far
to return some other day
but the rains came and the snows
now as the searching north wind blows
I scrabble in vain under leafless trees.

I kept trinkets in a drawer
dark so dark
a pistol and a single tear
three words of magic cased in air.
Who was it came and forced the lock?
Who will give me my treasures back?

I have a double who looks like me
like so like
I wonder I wonder if it was he
who filched my love when I was gone
rifling the cage where the dark sun shone
plundering with hands so like my own.

There is a light that comes from loss
clear so clear
Whatever it was a theft or loss
it’s hard to pretend I was betrayed
since I was my double, I’m afraid,
and it was my heart that I mislaid.

From: LePan, Douglas, “The Double” in Poetry, October 1971, Volume 119, Issue 18, pp. 3-4.

Date: 1971

By: Douglas Valentine LePan (1914-1998)