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Wednesday, 15 June 2022

Ring by Saddiq Dzukogi

I took a piece of chalk and drew a circle around my body.
In that ring, I engraved all the names of my loved ones

who are alive—until the only space left was under my feet.
Outside the circle, names of ones I lost.

We are eternal prey to the circle’s energy
looking to decongest its body from our own.

What I have is the beginning—in my hand,
it is what I can wield. Rubbing my palms on the ground

the white line of the circle became a mixture
of chalk and dirt on my skin—still the two worlds

stayed separated after my ritual collapsing their boundaries.
I unrolled my prayer mat on the melting snow,

sat facing a frozen lake, imagining the sun probing through
the ice, 4 inches thick. A man idling in the middle,

his machine drilling a wound in the solidified water,
ice fishing. I looked on, waiting for his hook

to find a trout. What if this is how death finds us—
by luring us with what we desire?


Date: 2021

By: Saddiq Dzukogi (19??- )