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Saturday, 11 June 2022

Made in Los Angeles by David Harold Rowbotham

The Matterhorn in Disneyland is melting
in the sun of Anaheim. Los Angeles
is a planetary city making perishable toys
from realities.

The black yankee doodle dandy dances
in the boulevard, which grows from glass to trees,
dawn grape to dusk persimmon,
and the beautiful moon is made in Los Angeles.

The Twentieth Century is made in Los Angeles.
The stars amass and suffer its novelties.

The pre-historic creatures at the tar-pits
are as still as Disneyland’s.
Which are the toys? The monsters reconstructed
from the bubbles? Or the city’s real gargantuan sprawl?

In his house over Woking Way, Disney invented
an animated world cartoon. My eyes
watch Hollywood as a white film from a height
out of fantasy.

Already I feel removed.
On a melting summit in the sun of Anaheim
or on Woking Way in a cinematic sunfall,
I’m filmed and foreign; and who’s the toy?

Man the mammal? or the tar-pit creature? hauled
up from the past by here’s Los Angeles.

From: Rowbotham, David, Poems for America, 2002, Interactive Publications: Carindale, Queensland, p. 2.

Date: 2002

By: David Harold Rowbotham (1924-2010)