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Tuesday, 7 June 2022

To the Reader by Leonard Mann

These times dictate our song;
Our words must reply to shells,
Our lines shall assault new ills
Entrenched in ancient wrong.

Yet standing to I’ve seen
The pale flower of dawn expand
Full blown from a darkened land,
Where day could show no green.

And I have heard left over,
When the morning strafe was done,
A bird like a violine
Stilled brass and bass discover;

Standing in trench of mud
A man saying with grim grin,
“As opposite to this sin
Perhaps this is a God.”

This then gives leave or duty
To sing of imagined good,
From the mask of fortitude
To give a voice to beauty.

From: Serle, Percival, An Australasian Anthology (Australian and New Zealand Poems), 1946, Collins Bros & Co Ltd: Sydney and Auckland, p. 288.

Date: 1941

By: Leonard Mann (1895-1981)