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Monday, 6 June 2022

Today by Ethel Anderson

Present time is the omnibus,
The Frigidaire, the rustless knife,

We have no high-grade hates, no cheap amours,
No absinthe served with petits-fours,
Ours not the saved skin, the lost honour.

But the cute jupon
The cut coupon
The clean slate
A child’s estate.

No blunderbuss.
No old-world fuss.

Merely the rising tide of tears
For those returning with our fears,
The maimed, the halt, the blind, the shocked,
With whom our world is nobly stocked.

Loved ones.
Sons of guns.
Docked lives
Clocking in.

From: Macartney, Frederick T., Australian Poetry 1947, 1948, Angus and Robertson: Sydney, p. 11.

Date: 1947

By: Ethel Louise Mason Anderson (1883-1958)