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Thursday, 2 June 2022

Rouse Thee, Wes’tralia: Proclamation Song by Henry Ebenezer Clay

Rouse thee, Wes’tralia! Awake
From thy “Swan’s nest among the reeds;”
Cast thy broad shadow on the lake,
And strongly glide where Fortune leads!

Chorus: Onward! Onward, Wes’tralia!

Let eaglets o’er their quarry scream,—
The vulture’s brood may tear and slay,—
Thou wakest from prophetic dream
Of offspring goodlier than they!


Thy sturdy cygnets from thy side
With glancing feet scull fast and far;
They press their bosoms to the tide,
And stretch bold wings beyond the bar.


Their pennons with the breezes float
And follow fast where Fortune leads;
Till by green holms and bays remote
Are found new nests among the reeds.


Their song (for onset, not for dirge)
Shall flood the creeks of broader ways,
And, with the music of the surge,
Swell the full chant of better days.


Thy seas have pearls; from reef and mine
Flash jewels and the pride of gold:
But goodlier far those sons of thine,
Famous in story yet untold.


God and the Right thy watchword be;
Patient, yet strong to do and dare;
And thine assessors, brave and free,
Labour and Vigilance and Prayer!

Chorus: Onward! Onward, Wes’tralia!

From: H.E.C., Rouse Thee, Wes’tralia: Proclamation Song, 1890, Sands & McDougall: Perth.

Date: 1890

By: Henry Ebenezer Clay (1844-1896)