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Friday, 6 May 2022

The Good Days Begin by Vincent Thomas Buckley

The good days begin with light sun
bringing steel out of the frosty grass
and sweeps of parrots, bright as a fruit market,
are guessing that the air will not reach thirty
as they slow down, wheel, and count themselves.
Above them then, the cockatoos, even louder,
go compensating for their fate, their whiteness.
You can see how the noon will shape up, and the evening
begin, with its yellow styling and a sulphur edge on the dusk.

Smudged together, the new grass and the old
slept rough all night.
Now the cold picks them apart
like the strands of a rug
into cut, pale colours.
On the muddy bank above them
nettles grow, thick as strawberries.

From: Buckley, Vincent, Last Poems, 1991, McPhee Gribble, Melbourne, p. 4.

Date: 1991 (published)

By: Vincent Thomas Buckley (1925-1988)