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Tuesday, 3 May 2022

Crown Ticket by Pym Schaare

as i crumple up the small piece of paper
ready to wrap around the rock
for throwing into the river

i wonder who might find it and read it
i left nothing out
on my rough stone sketch

there seems to be a custom
which acts like a spell
to judge my business and your business

while i listen and watch children
playing on swings
i think about other people

who arrived here
on the order of the ticket
to work for the term of their natural lives

there seems to be a certain
line of thought
by those who flung signatures like swords

on courtly orders for transportation
when freedom was on offer
slavery sold as a generous relative

with the price fixed
for the assembly line
hoe and sickle worked

to transform swamp into irrigation
while heads bobbed up and down
in the tall grasses

like puppets on a wire
work sounded
like the clattering of Lucifer.


Date: 2005

By: Pym Schaare (1952- )