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Sunday, 1 May 2022

Our Terms or Go! by Venier Voldo

We are the bosses of labour, we,
And you are the sons of toil,
We tell you what your wages shall be,
And then what shall be our spoil;
You see if you have that which you earn,
It won’t give us any show,
And so we propose that you shall learn
To accept our terms or go!

What right have you who do the work,
To give it a price at our loss?
That is the right of us who shirk,
And who play the game of “boss”;
We allow that you may have enough
To keep up the struggle and strain,
But all above must support the bluff,
And go to your bosses’ gain.

We have you hard, for you see, good slaves,
We own all lands and all tools,
All metals and coals, us jolly knaves,
And can play you for our fools.
It’s nothing to us if you have naught,
While our piles forever grow;
You are the cattle our gold has bought,
And so take our terms or go!

From: Voldo, Venier, “Our Terms or Go!” in The Worker, Saturday, 4 August 1894, p. 2.

Date: 1894

By: Venier Voldo (fl. 1876-1894)