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Wednesday, 27 April 2022

This Age Has Brought by Maxwell Henley Harris

this age has brought me twenty years,
till the heart must say ‘regret’,
be young no more, forget
the gentle thrilling and the unknown fears.

we are young no more, and it is age
has visited the unswept house,
mother unprepared, her apron loose
about her. Now we must wage

the battle with this exploiter, profiteer,
place in the teapot the high rents
for a voice that persists, never relents
in its fading and its heavy coming near

as a shortwave radio. The strain
is that of death betrayed;
for we cannot be afraid
who may not love nor die again.

From: Harris, Max and Brissenden, Alan, The Angry Penguin: Selected Poems of Max Harris, 1996, National Library of Australia: Canberra, p. 8.

Date: 1968

By: Maxwell Henley Harris (1921-1995)