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Thursday, 7 April 2022

A Brother Like You by Brandon Grill

Your co-workers found you lying on the
Ground, “the tweak passed out,” they told us. You said
You were tired after drinking all night. I asked
Why you drank before work, and instead of answering
You recited some lines from your favorite movies.
Three minutes went by, and you went through the
Independence Day script, doing every voice.
Your Will Smith impersonation was unreal, and when
I asked how much you practiced it you told me
You’ve only seen the movie twice. You
Rocked back and forth in your seat,
and kept trying to hug me. It made putting on
Your seatbelt very difficult, but the joyousness
Of your giggle makes it worth it. Few others
Let you hug them, I presumed. You asked me
If the nurses would be pretty and if they would
Comb your hair. My partner whispers in
My ear that I shouldn’t let you push me
Around, but I don’t get the sense that you’re
Trying to take advantage of me. “Sometimes,
I just want to stop thinking over and over and
Over so I drink. My social worker won’t comb
My hair,” you tell me. I ask you about your
Living conditions, and you tell me you hate
Being at home. I ask you what medications
You take, and you tell me you don’t take them
Unless someone combs your hair. You put your
Arm around my shoulders as we walk into
The emergency room, and tell me you wish
You had a brother like me growing up.
“Nobody in the home laughs at my voices
Like you do.”


Date: 2019

By: Brandon Grill (19??- )