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Saturday, 2 April 2022

Crow Out Early by Daniel David Moses

The only one who speaks to this long rain
is that crow sitting out on a pole like old
Raven, spitting out caws in pairs. He got
out of dreams on this wrong side of the bay.

Over there a foghorn makes a four-note
effort Crow can’t comprehend. It’s not like
even the loudest moans of his friends who
keep asleep, their effort to ignore how

this pressing fall of clouds has made a pine
the only place to settle. This makes Crow
with folded wings a black and glistening
pair of hands and his cries, a quick prayer, reach

out through the fog. His eyes get a shimmer
and his ears a song, both like the run off
gurgling at road edge. He sees the stones there
washing strong bodies egg bright, beetle slick.

1980, 1990

From: Armstrong, Jeannette C. and Grauer, Lally (eds.), Native Poetry in Canada: A Contemporary Anthology, 2001, Broadview Press: Ontario, p. 219.

Date: 1980, 1990

By: Daniel David Moses (1952-2020)