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Friday, 4 March 2022

Courage by Charles Rann Kennedy

“The Guard will die, but not surrender!” Who
Hath read of Frenchmen and of Waterloo,
And doth not sigh to think, how many brave
Should madly rush to combat and the grave,
For one proud man, who little cared for them,
Save as the tools to fix a diadem
On his own head ? Dog-valiant! Happier those
Who make no war but with their country’s foes,
Ne’er draw the sword but in a rightful cause,
For their own hearth and home, their faith, their laws.
Yet happier far is he, who ne’er put on
The soldier’s garb, no laurel ever won;
But bears a heart of purpose firm and high,
To fight the great life-battle manfully,
Himself, his pride and passions to subdue,
The path of right unswerving to pursue,
Despising pleasure, wealth, and world-renown,
Earning his heavenly meed, a bright immortal crown.

From: Kennedy, Charles Rann, Poems, Original and Translated, 1843, Edward Moxon: London, p. 66.

Date: 1843

By: Charles Rann Kennedy (1808-1867)