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Wednesday, 2 March 2022

Confession by Mark DeFoe

Once a famous man in a notorious speech
told the old story about throwing down your bucket
where you stand and drawing up the pure, good water.
Hoist yourself up, don’t reach too far. Don’t demand.
Don’t see your problem as everyone’s problem.
Wait and believe that kindness is coming.

The suffering of the world assaults me.
Huge, sad eyes and bloated bellies, a child
picking rice grains from a blanket in Somalia.
What would you have me do, Reader? Give up
my treasure to wander that blasted plain,
find that wretched child, comfort it, feed it?

But what of those I left behind, without
protector, provider? What of my here and now?
What of the swaying bridge I build each day
to span my own pit of chaos? My knees buckle.
I have not bread enough to feed the world,
so I give sad dollars to those who dig wells.

I gather close those I can lift above
the cold rapids. I do not go numb at
the touch of their hands or silence the lilt
of their laughter. I should be ashamed, but
my love is cruel. My love is selfish.
I will abandon all those not my own.


Date: 2018

By: Mark DeFoe (19??- )