Boxing On by Bruce Dawe

‘Little boxes, little boxes …’ – so went that sixties song,
along with other youthful Woodstock sneers
-and still suburbia’s moving right along,
undaunted, in both human hemispheres …

Media focus on those odd disputes
concerning trees, and rights-of-way and such
particularly, but suburbia refutes
claims such communities are out-of-touch.

Indeed, the spread of suburbia is ever
aware of the inner cities increasing cost,
challenging bland utopias and those clever
green dreams of urban dwellers hopelessly lost.

For most of my life, suburbia’s been my home,
and I still see new suburbs, east and west
(and north and south), defining themselves like families who come
seeking the better, hoping for the best,

Supposing in distance habitable space,
those things the clamorous outer life denies:
room to turn round twice and not grimace
and find some sympathy in unburdened skies …


Date: 2018

By: Bruce Dawe (1930-2020)

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