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Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Shelter in Place by Ron Silliman

Putting the pox
in apocalypse
the pudding in the skull
has a lemony taste
just a little
until you push through
to the richer
almost bitter
sweetness at the center

Yum is a corporate brand
encompassing multiple
fast-food franchise chains
he marched his co-workers
out of the restaurant
& into the woods
where he shot them

The angel of death
ambles in
from the memory gardens
It merely needs
to brush against
the hem of your gown

Goya’s peasants
against the wall
don’t look away

When help burst in
all armored up
they found a naked woman
alone in the shower
but couldn’t make out
her mumbled song

When this you see
geometry rising
to the surface
of a hypothetical world
in a 13-dimensional space
circulating an absence
where some sun should be

What time is it
in Zaragoza
by the old Roman wall
Modernism lurks
looking as dated
as the gravel garden
at the Soviet block apartments

She waits at the corner
for the bus to the campus
when the mayor’s son
pulls up in his car
to offer her a ride
from which she is never seen again

The first to commit suicide
is the class valedictorian
They rain from the bridge
like a festival of ornaments
like the couple holding hands
out of the south tower

No one remembers Ishi
in the Berkeley hills
or LoneCat Fuller’s
musical contraption

Holy Hubert shouting
from a text in which
all of the words
have been erased


Date: 2021

By: Ron Silliman (1946- )