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Saturday, 20 November 2021

Blood by Cameron Conaway

He passed out, and the nurses
declined his bed so what blood he had
could rush to his head.

They’ve been pumping him full of fluids—
a move moving him closer to the end.

We whisper to each other because
the watching is heavy, and we want
to stir the silence gently.

Weeks later, we’ll wrap his near death
in the metaphors of our days: He circled
the drain twice, we ’ll say.

Our lightness will take us back to how
the magazines in the waiting room made
glamor the only kind of beauty, how
we felt in control turning their pages, how
the sweat beads on his forehead reminded
us that glistening is nothing without light,
how it’s too often this way: we fill men
with fluid when they most needed our blood.


Date: 2016

By: Cameron Conaway (1985- )