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Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Battle on the Marne (September 1914) by Wilhelm Klemm

Slowly the stones begin moving and speaking
The grasses freeze to green metal. The woods,
Deep dense hideouts, devour distant platoons.
The heavens, the chalk-white mystery, threaten to burst.
Two colossal hours roll out to two minutes.
The empty horizon expands upwards

My heart is as large as Germany and France together,
Bored through by all the bullets of the world.
The battery raises its lion voice
Six times out into the land. The shells howl.
Stillness. In the distance the infantry fire seethes,
For days, for weeks.


Date: 1917 (original in German); 2015 (translation in English)

By: Wilhelm Klemm (1881-1968)

Translated by: Penelope Monkhouse (19??- )