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Sunday, 7 November 2021

Song in Danger by Raymond Peckham Holden

Narrow as the willow leaf,
Slender and full and slight,
Under my love’s belief
That warms this heavy night
Lie still, lie still, my Light!
Love has its peace, though brief.

What latch those thieves may move
That want your happiness,
What small, unnoticed groove
Wedge wide, we cannot guess
Nor their disguise nor dress.
Forget them. Here is love.

Rest, with my lips to shield
The eyelids of your eyes,
My breast to seal the sealed
Breast, where your wild heart flies
Its caught bird, and where lies
Your life, half harmed, half healed.

From: Holden, Raymond, ‘Song in Danger’ in Poetry: A Magazine of Verse, Volume XLV, Number III, December 1934, pp. 148-149.

Date: 1934

By: Raymond Peckham Holden (1894-1972)