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Wednesday, 20 October 2021

I’ve Left the Giddy Throng by Arthur Cleveland Coxe

I’ve left the giddy throng:
The dance is o’er: mine ear
Hears but a phantom song,
And I am lonely here.
Oh, in the dark still night
When shadows round us be,
How vain all earth’s delight!
Whom have I, Lord, but thee ?

It is a fearful thing
To be with self alone;
To bear a closeting,
With conscience on her throne :
For who but feels, when still
The heavy night hangs round,
The boding dews that chill
The sleepers under ground!

Oh, who but thinks how soon
Such sleep his own must be;
The cold damp sod aboon,
And earth-worms feasting free:
Oh, who but feels full oft
His body rotting there,
His robes of beauty doffed,
The winding-sheet, his wear!

And who but trembles then,
At what we dare to be,
When mixt with thoughtless men,
We too live thoughtlessly!
Poor pilgrims unto death,
Poor insects of a day,
How dare we spend our breath
As if we lived for aye.

From: Coxe, A. Cleveland, Halloween: a romaunt, with lays, meditative and devotional, 1845, H. S. Parsons: Hartford, pp. 91-92.

Date: 1836

By: Arthur Cleveland Coxe (1818-1896)