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Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Her Lot by Alwyn Marriage

Genesis 19

Fleeing a city’s devastation with his wife
he was witness to her transformation,
stopped in his tracks aghast, then tentatively
took two steps backwards without turning round.
He spoke to her, gently at first, then cried
with rising panic in his voice,
put out a hand to touch her cold white form,
but withdrew it as he felt the sculpture burn
with the salt tears of strife.

Licking his fingers in disbelief, he briefly savoured
twenty shared years in which she’d added flavour
to his life. Ozymandias in the desert wastes
couldn’t have looked more lost and isolated
than this woman he must now leave behind,
as abandoning the strange and yet familiar
column of solidified sea water,
he set his face to the impassivity of rock
and continued on his desert way, without looking back.


Date: 2020

By: Alwyn Marriage (19??- )