The Drought! by Thomas William Parmeter

From The Australiad, a Poem

By Science told—a burning dryness came
Throughout the land; grass and stalky maize
Universal felt the parch’d up, arid soil;
Then pin’d the quenchless kind, the rambling sheep,
And ev’ry lapping beast that roved the woods.
All were seen grazing o’er the winding creeks,
And mountain gulleys, and the springs in vain.
In the hot, blazing air, now drooped the birds,
And there were seem the doleful dying quails,
And roselles golden, with glittering hue,
And wailing emu, and proud jetty swans,
And ev’ry domestic bird to house-wife dear,
And lastly man felt the wrath of Heaven
And pray’d—but not in vain.

From: T.P., ‘The Drought!’ in The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, Tuesday 21 July 1829, p. 4.

Date: 1829

By: Thomas William Parmeter (1786-1836)

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